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The Raúl Scalabrini Ortiz National University, created under Law No. 27212, is defined as an educational community, made up of teachers, graduates, students and non-teaching personnel and whose main objective is for its students to achieve a solid academic training, promoting this excellence at the levels of teaching and research.

The mission of this University is to ensure the conditions of access and permanence to the public, free and free University to guarantee the entire community equal opportunities and personal development within the framework of democratic values, committing to:

  • Provide solid academic, scientific and practical training in the different areas of knowledge development, with a multidisciplinary, ethical approach based on the resolution of local and regional problems aimed at the transformation of the social fabric.
  • Provide new knowledge, technological developments and solutions to local and regional problems, through university extension actions and scientific research, development and technological innovation in the focal areas.
  • Collaborate with government, social and business institutions in the transformation of the local and regional social fabric, oriented towards the progress of the Nation.
  • Generate and provide relevant information based on scientific and technological knowledge for decision-making in the focal areas and contribute to local and regional social development.
  • Contribute through the transfer and dissemination of knowledge and technological developments to the progress of society and the conservation of the environment.
  • Promote an entrepreneurial and civic culture for the development of upright professionals who contribute to local, regional and national development.
  • Promote the continuous improvement and updating of teachers and graduates in order to encourage academic excellence and professional social responsibility in the fulfillment of their tasks.
  • Promote culture, art and sport, enabling social and cultural integration at local and regional levels.
  • Be a relevant reference center in the areas of knowledge development, at the national, regional and international level.

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